"The easy pregnancy wardrobe hack that's cut my morning routine in half."

Sometimes you should just listen to your mum.

In the past when my mother has had a brilliant idea, I’ve ignored it until someone came up with the same idea. Then I’ve told her what a great idea it is. She hates that.

But my mother has had five babies, so when it comes to pregnancy, I listen, and her latest tip on pregnancy has changed my life and given me more free time.

I haven't always listened to my mum. Image supplied.

I am six months pregnant with my second child and bigger than I was last time.

My first-time maternity clothes don't fit, and they are also the wrong season so I've had to buy a few things so I can get dressed for work.

Ghastly maternity wear is another story, but the few pieces I purchased I do like - however, I found myself distracted by a bunch of clothes that don't fit.

Listen: By simply throwing out clothes you don’t wear, Robin gets more sleep. (post continues below)

Most mornings before work, before sunrise, I was battling with my over-supplied wardrobe. In the darkness, I pulled on clothes that were too small with zips that wouldn't do up and dresses that got stuck at my chest.

love being pregnant and I don't wish to be smaller, but the regular morning routine would make me feel crappy.

The struggle was unnecessary. I am almost 40 years old and my mum told me how to simply re-organise my clothes.

"When I was pregnant, I packed away all my clothes that didn't fit," she said.

Now my wardrobe looks kind of like this. Image via iStock.

"That way you only have the clothes that fit you to choose from. Don't leave any pre-baby clothes in your cupboard."

Since then I've packed a lifetime of clothes into a huge suitcase that is too heavy to lift.

My early mornings are now simple - everything I can see in my wardrobe fits me. I am not taunted by my favourite London skirt or my skinny Sass and Bide jeans.

Mornings are easy, I have more time, I have less clutter, I have no struggle.

My preloved clothes that do not fit. Image supplied.

It is so obvious but it hadn't occurred to me that removing small clothes from my wardrobe would feel so good.

When I shared this hack with my Mamamia colleagues, one said: "Maybe we all should do that."

It certainly helped for me and even if you don't pack away your clothes that don't fit at least listen to your mum occasionally - even if you're all grown up.

Do you have any pregnancy hacks to share?