NICKY: 5 maternity wardrobe staples on a budget.

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Anyone who’s ever tried to dress an exponentially growing bump will know how hard pregnancy dressing can be. It’s a big ask to find clothing that is comfortable, flattering, long enough (in the gut area) and fashionable.

A very stylish friend of mine gave me some simple fashion advice when I fell pregnant: “Don’t invest too much money because you are going to want to burn everything after you have the baby”.

While I didn’t hold a ceremonial bonfire or anything, she did have a point – there were a few things I immediately donated to charity because having worn them everyday for eight months I couldn’t stand the sight of them.

We spoke to Lisa Balakas of Ripe Maternity to get the lowdown on how to choose pieces you’ll want to wear long after that baby has vacated your uterus.

Q: What’s the best style/shopping advice you can give to new mums?

A: My number one piece of advice is to buy some basic pieces early on. The amount of women we see in the stores buying clothes with six weeks to go because they just want something comfortable is amazing.

The catch phrase is “But I am only going to wear it for six months”  but the girls in the office wear the product daily and they are not pregnant so its life is a lot longer than that.


Here are the five items Lisa recommends:

1. A great pair of jeans – “Ripe Lite Skinny or Peggy are sensational.”

1. CLICK TO BUY NOW: Ripe Maternity Peggy jeans $109.95    2. CLICK TO BUY NOW: Soon Maternity Boyfriend jean $69.95   3. CLICK TO BUY NOW: Angel Maternity Jeans $89.95

2. Longline tops – “A flattering basic top that can also be used for layering under tunics.”

1. CLICK TO BUY NOW: Bonds Maternity Tank $39.95      2.CLICK TO BUY NOW: New Look maternity stripe top $12.74  3. CLICK TO BUY NOW: Angel Maternity grey marle tank $19.95

3. Tube Dresses  – “Choose one that can be worn day to night

1. CLICK TO BUY NOW: Topshop bodycon dress $36  2.CLICK TO BUY NOW: ASOS Maternity dress $51.00 3. CLICK TO BUY NOW: Angel Maternity Maxi Dress $69.95

4. Leggings – “Ponti Leggings – Ripe have them plain or with a pleather insert down the leg”

1. CLICK TO BUY NOW: Mamaway Maternity Leggings $39.95  2. CLICK TO BUY NOW: Ripe Maternity Ponti legging $84.95 3. CLICK TO BUY NOW: Soon Maternity Long Legging $44.95


5. Tunic top  -“Such a comfortable option. Looks great with tights or leggings. The Ripe Buckle Trim Knit Tunic is on trend for the season ahead.”

1. CLICK TO BUY NOW: Ripe Maternity Zip Trim $89.95 2. CLICK TO BUY NOW: ASOS Boatneck top $14.33 3. CLICK TO BUY NOW: Angel Maternity petal front top $49.95

…And a few more extras I’ve added in. 

6. Harem pants

I know, I know, they’re immensely man repelling BUT I lived in these when I was pregnant and have kept two pairs for lounging about the house in (okay, I leave the house in them… often). I love these Tigerlily ones (look how stretchy the waistband is!). If you’re a denim girl and I can’t convince you to join the stretchy side, I’ve heard nothing but good things about Jeanswest maternity jeans, head on over to their site, they’ve got a two for one sale on at the moment.

7. Special occasion dress

Over the course of 40 weeks you will at some point be required to attend a function that you’ll want to buy something new for- be it a wedding, a party or your own baby shower.

I never made it to my own baby shower (early labour) but I bought a lovely Fleur Wood dress one size up from what I’d normally wear which I’ve gotten a lot of use out of. I’m also a bit in love with this ASOS dress (pic right) for $50 it’s a steal (it does look a bit on the short side, if you’re tall you could wear it over leggings).


8. Flat shoes

Ballet flats, ankle boots, wedges, sandals, brogues – these are all going to be your friends for the duration of your pregnancy, stilettos however are not. But full credit to you if the balls of your feet don’t feel like exploding while strapped into six-inch heels. Rubi Shoes do some great and really cheap ballet flats ($10!) cheap enough to buy a few colours and these low ankle boots.

9. Ginormous black undies – several pairs

I won’t go into detail, but it’s best to have about six pairs on stand-by post birth- these Bonds ones are good (go one or two sizes up than your normal size).

BUT wait there’s more, click through the maternity fashion gallery below for more inspiration.

*Please DO NOT  be dismayed by the model’s bodies in the retail images above- most of these women are not pregnant and have just have a pillow-bump-thingy strapped on to their tummies. And this is not a sponsored post.

Did you find this helpful? What did clothes did you love (and loathe) during pregnancy?