Masterchef's Poh has the secret to happiness, and it's nothing to do with food.


There’s something to be said for living at a slower pace. Who among us hasn’t dreamed of dropping everything to reside in a coastal hideaway with a surfboard and two dogs?

Former Masterchef runner-up Poh Ling Yeow is one dreamer whose lust for life in the slow lane has a much more realistic spin.

No hideaways. No hobby farms. Just laundry.

Listen to Poh share her slow-mo secrets on our I Don’t Know How She Does It podcast. Article continues after podcast. 

Poh told podcast host Alissa Warren she lived life in ‘slow-mo’ in order to maintain a healthier grip.

“I look around me and I look at all the friends that suffer from depression and anxiety,” she said.

“It’s because we’re not able to process life at a speed that we’re able to as human beings. and live mentally healthy lives.”

The TV chef explained that living in ‘slow-mo’ was simply allowing yourself pockets of time to contemplate what was happening around you.

“‘Slow-mo’ing is just having time.”

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Poh said these moments should ideally be taken while completing mundane yet productive tasks.

“You need those… periods in your day to do those mundane tasks so that you can actually just process what’s going on around you,” she said.

“Do a bit of gardening, bit of laundry, do the dishes or whatever.”

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Poh went on to explain how constantly working robbed people of this chance to mentally reset.

“I feel like you don’t get that downtime to contemplate,” she said.

Poh currently hosts SBS’ Poh & Co and runs the Jamface food stall at the Adelaide Farmers’ Market.

Listen to the full episode of our I Don’t Know How She Does It podcast to find out just how she does it.

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