This Masterchef contestant's true age is baffling everybody.

Things are starting to heat up for Masterchef contestant Ray Silva whose frying pan quite literally caught fire during last night’s Pressure Test.

But the fresh-faced father-of-two managed to keep his cool and is quickly becoming a favourite with fans.

Perhaps it’s his youthful gait, his cheeky grin or that hair you just want to tousle or, perhaps, it’s that the Bondi doctor clearly knows the secret to eternal life and must surely trip up and spit it out on national television at any moment.

You see, Ray, despite having the soft complexion of a 24-year-old is… wait for it… 42.

I. Know.


Which by the way is the same number as Douglas Adams’ answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything… coincidence? I bloody well think not.

Chicago-born Ray moved home to Sri Lanka at 10 years old before coming to Australia at 15 where his dad’s spicy home cooking ignited a passion for food but his love of science sent him packing for medical school.

WATCH: Last night, Gary Mehigan set the Pressure Test (post continues…):

Video by Channel 10

After an impressive career so far in medicine, the dad of two little girls, Maya and Lana, and has followed his heart and his tastebuds into the Channel 10 studio’s to give the chef thing a whirl.

And look, why the hell not?

If you’re going to live forever, you may as well be doing what you love.

Onya, Ray.

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