Masterchef judge Matt Preston takes aim at MKR's Pete Evans.

Masterchef judge and avid supporter of the cravat Matt Preston has taken aim at My Kitchen Rules and one of its famous judges, Pete Evans.

During Thursday night’s master class episode, Preston joined guest chef Marco Pierre White and fellow judge Gary Mehigan in teaching contestants how to master some of their favourite recipes.

While White opted for his mother’s risotto and Mehigan took on pho, Preston announced he’d be making a “classic baked cheese cake”, before adding what can only be described as a clear swipe towards Evans, “I’m going to continue my anti-paleo crusade.”

Preston believes the benefits of an anti-paleo life are clearly evident. Source: Facebook.

Now in its eighth season, Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules have long been network rivals, but fundamentally different in their approach to home cooking.

While MKR is known for its theatrics and love of drama, Masterchef is generally seen as more serious, and able to offer its contestants a career path into the food industry.

While Evans is one of Australia's most vocal advocates for paleo eating, a diet that consists of mostly meat and vegetables and eliminating grains and processed foods, famed food critic Preston is known to love a good swipe of butter and generous shake of salt.

Evans, who was recently married believes cutting out all processed foods is the path to heaven. Source: Facebook.

Evans has drawn much criticism for his views over the years - from activated almonds to serving babies bone broth and even questioning the place of fluoride in the modern diet - which has more than once put a question mark over his position as a judge on the Channel 7 show.

But the 2016 season of MKR has been and gone and Masterchef is now underway, leaving Preston with plenty of opportunities to further his crusade.

Here's comedians Peter Helliar and Kitty Flanagan paying tribute to both shows at this year's Logies:

Video via Channel 9