Masterchef's Callan made a dessert that floored everybody - even the judges.

Attention, TV lovers. In case you missed it, last night we hit peak Masterchef Australia.

Forget about Adriano Zumbo introducing us to the glory of the croquembouche in June 2009. Forget about that golden ball that mesmerised the judges at the beginning of the season.

And you can forget about the ridiculousness that was ‘The Firecracker’ dessert, which we’re pretty sure goes against every OH&S guideline ever created.

Because last night, the craziest dessert in Masterchef history was created: someone actually decided to turn sushi into a dessert.


Admittedly, it doesn't sound super weird if, say, you're replacing all the savoury bits (read: raw fish) with chocolatey, sweet goodness.

But if you're 19-year-old contestant Callan Smith, cooking in last night's elimination round, your dessert sushi consists of CRUMBED SALMON, candied and toasted NORI, yuzu syrup, toasted rice and toasted rice ice cream.

Viewers were understandably a little confused...and concerned.




Even the judges weren't convinced that sushi as a dessert wasn't an entirely insane idea.

"Bonkers, or brilliant?" Matt Preston asked the young contestant when he presented his dish for tasting.

(Bonkers, Matt, the answer is 100 per cent bonkers...)

"I'm hoping brilliant, but it's definitely bonkers as well," Callan said.

"I've made a terrible mistake, haven't I?"

"That's me - that's what I want to do sitting in that bowl. If I was to go home today I couldn't be happier with the dish I've put up."

But despite the judges praising his invention skills and "bravery", the 19-year-old was eliminated from the competition.


The young chef has been praised for his Heston Blumenthal-like qualities in the kitchen, and has won plenty of fans during his time on the show.

It's probably safe to say that his dessert sushi didn't.

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