An edible floating sugar balloon almost broke three blokes on MasterChef.

It was a pressure test and an elimination challenge and there was a levitating cup cake with a balloon flying out of it and all of it was… edible?

No, not Harry Potter, we’re talking MasterChef

Tonight’s episode saw 23-year-old Bryan Zhu go up against 27-year-old Trent Devincenzo and 26-year-old Samuel Whitehead in a pressure test dessert challenge.

It almost broke the three poor men involved (and all of us watching at home).

The goal? To create this:


That is a floating – yes, FLOATING – ice cream cup cake being held aloft by a sugar balloon.

It has an inside which is almost as spectacular as its outside… Behold:

There were more than a million yelling-at-the-television-in-furious-frustration moments. How dare they put such innocent souls through such unnecessary torture?


The bottom of Samuel’s cup fell out.

Trent’s sugar balloon didn’t quite have lift-off.

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But, to the disappointment of what seems like the entire nation, Bryan spent 40 minutes tempering chocolate and it still didn’t work for him.

This was the moment all our hearts broke:


It wasn’t to be. He was booted off as fast as you can say “dessert balloon fail”.

And now everyone is devastated and irrationally furious at the stupid floating cupcake with its stupid sugar balloon.




Finally, there is this one piece of utter genius.