Masterchef fans have one major complaint about this year's season.

Masterchef viewers don’t seem to agree on much.

One look at their social media comments will tell you they all feel very differently about the judges, the contestants, the dishes, and the amount of time dedicated to “sob stories”.

However, this year it appears there’s one issue that’s united the nation: the soundtrack.

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More specifically, the volume it’s been played at throughout the season.

Across Facebook and Twitter, Masterchef fans are taking any and every opportunity to complain about the loud music overpowering the much quieter dialogue.

They are not impressed.

“Can [you] PLEASE turn down the music. It’s so hard to hear anyone speak. I may not watch much longer. It’s giving me headaches,” one Facebook fan wrote.

Another mentioned the volume wasn’t helping their extreme tinnitus.

“It’s extremely loud this year, it’s ridiculous. Can hardly hear what they are saying and the music itself is really bad,” another agreed.

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The deafening volume wasn’t the only complaint.

Plenty of fans are also tiring of the overly dramatic themes in the soundtrack.

Meanwhile, others have identified the various ‘theme songs’ that are played on repeat:

Once you hear them, you can’t unhear them…

How do you feel about the music on Masterchef this year? Too loud? Too dramatic? Or just right?