Australia has been mesmerised by a golden ball, thanks to Masterchef.

It’s the first episode of Season Nine of MasterChef Australia, and there are all sorts of flavours competing for a spot in the Top 24.

We’ve seen beetroot paired with ice cream. A crane operator-cum-salmon extraordinaire. Bacon and eggs dressed up as a bowl of mayonnaise. And a killer analogy to a “burning pirate ship”.

But the highlight of the night?

There is only one possibility: The Golden Ball.

Listen: We meet former Masterchef champion Poh, and learn all sorts of things. Post continues below.

Michelle, a 19-year-old student from Melbourne, entered the room extremely slowly.

At first, we thought it was nerves. Then we thought she might have injured herself in the 60-minute ‘make what you’re good at’ challenge.

But we quickly realised it was because she was transporting a gem, an actual gem.


Atop her plate, which was atop a tray, atop a trolley on wheels, there lay a perfectly round, exquisitely golden, chocolate egg.

Judge George Calombaris said the last time he’d seen something so beautiful was in a two Michelin star restaurant.

JUST GORGEOUS. Image: Masterchef/Channel 10.

The nation collectively groaned when he used the spoon to crack the egg with the most satisfying pop.


Alhough, some viewers weren't so pleased...

Inside the chocolate egg there was more dessert. Jelly and chocolate pieces and raspberries and the rest is a blur because we were still in shock from 'The Golden Ball'.

Fellow judge Matt Preston gave Michelle huge spiel about how 'if she's doing this at 19, who knows what she'll be doing at 23 and 33 and the world is her oyster'.



She got an apron and she's in! We can't wait to see what she does next.