The popular Masterchef theory that could predict the winner before it's even begun.

If you’ve been watching MasterChef this – or any – season then you’ve likely picked up on a sure-fire way to tell if the contestants will make it through the audition stage to the top 24.

When a contestant first appears on screen viewers learn a little bit about them: their name, their age and their occupation, usually.

But the show will focus on select competitors, showing us where they came from with a short clip of them at home. We’re given a taste of their back story.

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It didn’t take social media users long to point out showing the contestants at home is a reliable way to predict they’ll go onto the next stage of the show.

After all, why would producers spend the time, money and energy going to the home of someone who was in the show for all of five minutes?

“Pro reality TV tip… when they have a contestant’s back story filmed they will make it through,” wrote one Facebook user after Thursday night’s episode.

“Based on who Channel 10 have promoted so far, you’d assume that Callan and Michelle are going to go pretty far, so will Pete the crane driver,” suggested another.

But then on Wednesday night we said goodbye to Emily – who has thrown a spanner in the works.

Contestant Emily didn't make it through. (Image via Channel Ten.)

Emily was given the same treatment as many of the other top 24 contestants, including a lot of screen time during Wednesday night's episode - and then she didn't get through.

While the home cook's departure seems to disprove this popular theory, it could actually mean something else.

Fans of the show have shared on Facebook their new theory - that this means Emily will return to the show later in the series.

"Surely she's coming back. Hopefully!" wrote one fan.

"Either Emily or Aaron will get through and then on Thursday, the judges will announce one of the other Top 23 contestants have had to pull out and they will bring back either Emily or Aaron," they wrote, referring to Arum Nixon, who secured the final apron.

Arum was given the final apron instead of Emily. (Image via Channel Ten.)

It could also be that MasterChef producers realised the show's approach to showing auditionees at home was becoming too predictable and wanted to mix it up this year and keep fans in suspense.

Many fans who expressed their disappointment the young aspiring cook hadn't made it through will be hoping it's the former.

We can only wait and see.

MasterChef  Australia airs  Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm and Sundays at 7pm.