Daily Buzz: The massages at this kindy are for the kids

One of the relaxing techniques on offer at the kindy


So, this is a bit edgy. A German kindergarten is offering its charges, as young as three, foot-rubs, massages and other relaxation techniques – like walking through wet grass with their shoes off – as part of its overall package designed to take the stress out of the little tacker’s lives.

It’s not all outrageous. Kids are tactile, so the grass stuff could be good for them. But would you pay more for the massages, did your parents? It might be a worthy investment. The program was put together by some of Germany’s foremost public health experts, arguing that stress is a complicating factor in many lives … especially those of children who tend to be stress sponges.

Sylvia Gross, 49, from the German kindy said children were far too often too rushed and pushed around.

“Much is required from children today. They rush from one appointment to the next without barely a chance to breathe,” she said.

“They occasionally need some time out in order to come down again. The things we do here have a curative, relaxing effect upon them. The children themselves are curious, they find the therapies exciting.”

Robyn Lawley as she appeared in Vogue Australia


There’s no bigger standard-bearer of fashion and all things design around the world, so when all 19 worldwide editions of Vogue Magazine pledge to only work with models who have no obvious history of eating disorders, it makes people sit up and listen. In her letter, Australian editor Kirstie Clements said it was a starting point.

“On the following page, readers will find a letter from all the editors of the 19 international Vogues, launching what we are calling The Health Initiative. The issue of positive body image and positive role models in the fashion industry is an important one, and this pact will certainly open up the debate. As an editor, I have to make choices on a daily basis about the images we feature and the messages we are sending.

“Long ago we made the decision not to feature models that were younger than 16, and we have always strived to present models that we knew to be healthy. But I know there are contradictions. Who is naturally slim? Who is dieting sensibly or irresponsibly? Who is exercising or over-exercising? We’ve been known to retouch shots, especially from the runway, to put weight on the girls, which obviously begs the question, why are they so thin in the first place? Yet we also recently featured gorgeous Australian model Robyn Lawley in a fashion story, for no political reason, but simply because she looks great.


“The problem is wider reaching than the fashion press alone (let’s not forget Hollywood), which is why The Health Initiative is a starting point to make the industry more aware. We are not claiming that we will fix the problem overnight, but a healthy discussion will almost certainly lead to a more healthy future.”

What do you think?

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