The bride wanted an elegant cake, the groom wanted something else.

The bride wanted an elegant vintage cake, her groom wanted something different. So they came up with the perfect solution.

It’s the now wedding cake that has won over the internet, its picture having been shared over 5,000 times. But what’s so different about this cake compared to any beautifully decorated wedding cake?

Elegant flower cake. Image via Tier By Tier Facebook page.

I'll give you a hint. The bride said, "Our guests were so surprised when we turned it round! (*wink emoticon*) We loved it and it fitted our wedding theme perfectly."

The groom loved the elegant side, but wanted something more unique. So his accommodating bride let him choose what the other half of the cake looked like. It turned out 'marvel'-lous.

Turn that cake around and you get...

A Marvel themed cake. image via Tier By Tier Facebook page.

The other side is Marvel themed.

The lady behind the creation (from Tier By Tier) said on her Facebook page, "This was one of the reasons I didn't sleep much last week, but I couldn't complain as I loved every minute I spent making it! It was Kia who wanted the vintage look with the elegant Flowers, and Billy's idea to reveal the Marvels (except for Batman!) at the back, I think it worked so well! Congratulations to you both."

The bride commented on the photos of the cake saying, "Iron man & Spider-Man were a joint choice, captain America and Batman were hubby's choice!"

The cake maker has since decided that she loves the idea of a #doubletakecake and is hoping to make more duo designs in the future.

Who needs to compromise when you can both get what you want?

What do you think about the cake?

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