Martha Stewart has some advice for millennials. Lady, you went to jail.

Martha Stewart, who thinks flower arranging is a key life skill, has some advice for millennials.

The business woman and lifestyle guru who oversaw a massive price crash in her brand Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia from $2 billion in 1999 to around 1/6th of that in 2015, is worried that millennials aren’t growing tomato plants on their apartment balconies.

In an interview with Luxury Listings, Stewart says of millennials, “Now we are finding out that they are living with their parents. They don’t have the initiative to go out and find a little apartment and grow a tomato plant on the terrace. I understand the plight of younger people … The economic circumstances out there are very grim. But you have to work for it. You have to strive for it. You have to go after it …”


Well, thanks for the advice, Martha, but ah… when you say you have to go for it, we’re assuming you not advising people to go after it in quite the same way you did?

In 2004, Martha Stewart was found guilty of charges related to insider trading. She was sentenced to five months in prison.

And while you can definitely admire her for making a comeback, re-establishing herself in the media and lifestyle industries so successfully, I’m pretty confident in saying, we millennials are adulting just fine thanks very much, Martha.

h/t NY Mag