Secret badass Martha Stewart was just snapped giving Donald Trump the finger.

It’s no secret Martha Stewart is no fan of the Donald Trump.

The pair first clashed way back in 2005 when the businesswoman was hosting her own, admittedly short-lived, version of The Apprentice.

The world has certainly changed of late (post continues after video…):

She blamed him for her show failing and he called her a “moron”, among other things.

Last year, the 75-year-old vowed to support Hillary Clinton in the US election and we assume as peeved as the rest of us when Trump won the ballot.

She certainly didn’t try to hide her disdain at a recent New York art show where one lucky bystander captured the happy snap of the century.


Newlin Tillotson was taking a photo of side-by-side portraits of Trump and Snoop Dogg at Andres Serrano’s show at Frieze New York, when Stewart stepped into shot with a message for the President on her left hand.

“Was taking a picture of these Trump and Snoop Dogg pieces… and Martha Stewart walks into the frame and takes it to 100,” Tillotson wrote on Instagram.

The photo have already has more than 5,200 likes, for obvious reasons.

As yet, there’s no word on how Trump has taken the dig, but all eyes are on his Twitter account for an angry rebuke.

We imagine Snoop Dogg was into it though…