There's a reason that voice from Married At First Sight sounds so familiar.

The authoritative yet soothing tones of the Married At First Sight narrator has been stuck in our heads ever since the series relaunched.

We listened to a clip on repeat with our eyes closed and eyebrows scrunched, convinced we’d heard this voice before.

“Runway bride, runaway bride, run-” the recording teased.

Listen to hosts Laura Brodnik and Tiffany Dunk discuss this important discovery on The Binge. 

It turns out we were right and the voice-over is none other than Channel Nine newsreader Georgie Gardner.

The discovery was made after one of our podcast producers decided to skip the guessing game and just google the narrator for the current series. Just call her Sherlock Holmes.

The Binge host Laura Brodnik expressed her surprise at the newsreaders involvement in the show.

“She’s such a recognisable face and name and the show is huge,” she said.

“The fact that she’s on board with it – narrating it and I’ve never even heard her mention it is surprising.”

Tiffany agreed and remarked how the discovery was almost as scandalous as the bye-bye bride of episode four.

“It’s almost bigger than the news of the runaway bride,” she said.

Georgie Gardner. (Source: Nine Style/Facebook).

Gardner, 46,  began her television career as a weather reporter for Channel Nine in 2002. The journalist has since seen a varied career that has spanned every commercial network in Australia.

Gardner currently works for Channel Nine as a presenter across both news and entertainment programs. The presenter resides in Sydney with her husband, Tim Baker and two children, Bronte and Angus.

We're alreday hooked on Married At First Sight and listening to Georgie Gardner's lovely narration is just icing on the reality TV cake.

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