Three of our favourite Married at First Sight stars just got matching tattoos.

Three of our favourite Married at First Sight contestants have made an incredible and irreversible collective decision during their most recent Saturday night out together, getting matching tattoos to mark their newfound friendship and reality television experience.

There’s nothing like a night out with friends to change your life, is there?

Married at First Sight's Nicole preparing for her first tattoo. Source: Instagram.

Posting video footage of herself with Jess and Andy to Instagram, Nicole said, "because we love love, we're going to get it tattooed."

The primary school teacher then cried, "First tattoo ever!" excitedly.

Married at First Sight tattoos Part I. Source: Instagram.

(Sucks to be Keller, Nicole's head-to-toe tattoo covered husband of three weeks.)

Following the initial video post at midnight, the Gold Coast native then shared a series of videos that showed herself in the chair (looking seriously terrified), the finished product with Jess, and an image of all three showing off their gladwrapped wrists captioned "Triplets".

Andy, Nicole and Jess show off their tattoos. Source: Instagram

 Finally, Nicole shared one last video snap of the group, the love heart outlines on their individual wrists captioned "Matching! LOVE LOVE LOVE".

The trio's experimental husbands - Dave, Craig and Keller - were seemingly uninvited to the late night tattoo party.

Despite the physical distance between contestants, it seems that many of the season three group have stayed in touch and formed solid friendships, with Nicole and fellow Gold Coast contestant Bella frequently making the trip to Sydney to spend time with their newly single mates.

What can we say? Friends and tattoos forever, boys never.

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