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1. In a thing we didn’t think was a thing, one former Married At First Sight contestant is coming back to the show for a second chance at love.

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Oh… this is… different.

A contestant from a previous season of Married At First Sight is returning this season for a second chance at love.

His name is John Robertson and you may remember him as being Debbie’s very disappointing non-Polynesian husband from last year’s season.

John will be back on our screens at the end of the month giving it another go… he’s still not Polynesian though.

“They asked me back,” John told TV WEEK.

“I thought ‘why not?’. I still haven’t found love. I had a good experience last time even though me and Deb didn’t work out so I thought I might as well give it another shot.”


Despite being rejected for not being Polynesian, John said he enjoyed the last season and he’s hoping this one will be even better.

“I wanted chemistry,” he explained. “I don’t have a type. They can be blonde, brunette, whatever, they’ve gotta be shorter than me. I like a nice easy, fun filled life so someone laid back, I don’t want someone who is bossy or nagging.”

Looks like that’s your loss, Deb.

2. Tommy Little has just one reservation about Lisa Wilkinson joining The Project.


Oh, Tommy.

Tommy Little is, erm, a little bit worried that Lisa Wilkinson will show him up when she joins The Project.

“She is far warmer and far funnier than me – I fear she might show me up for the idiot that I am,” he told Fairfax Media.

He also admitted that Wilkinson could receive a little bit of a ribbing from him.

“I might [give her some slagging], which will go one of two ways. It will go great and she’ll find it funny or she’ll hate me and I won’t exist in showbiz anymore,” he joked.

Yeah. We’re not entirely sure how that one will work out for you, Tommy.

3. Kris Jenner becomes a hero for all parents, just starts auctioning off the presents her kids gave her for Christmas.

Kris Jenner car auction
Kris in her car on the day she got it. (Image via Snapchat/Kylie Jenner.)

Parents will know better than anyone that despite people's best intentions, sometimes they can really let you down in the gift-giving department.

(Sorry kids, but no mum actually wants a hand-made macaroni necklace, and if they did, one was enough.)

Kris Jenner's children aren't exactly primary schoolers anymore and the present they got her for Christmas in 2016 was a decided step-up from pasta jewellery - but by auctioning off the convertible they gave her, the reality star is living out a dream for many parents of shamelessly asking for a refund or exchange.

TMZ reports Jenner's 1956 Ford Thunderbird sold at auction for $71,300 (US$57,000) making this the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

4. Hughesy and Kate have taken over the biggest radio slot in the country. But there's a rumour they won't be there for long.


They have just taken over one of the most famous time slots in Australia - the HIT Network's Drive shift, formerly occupied by Hamish and Andy - but it's becoming clear Hughesy and Kate may not be there long.

In a recent interview with News Corp, Langbroek acknowledged a rumour that she and her family were looking to move overseas in 2019, saying "there is truth" to the story.

"You’ve got to have plans in life and I love my job and I love doing this show but I also would love to live in Europe for a year with my children and not work.

"I’d love to have a gorgeous Nonna from a nearby village who comes up with a basket full of homemade gnocci and then some eccentric guy called Sergio who comes to fix the leaking roof which has been pulled apart by 100-year-old ivy that’s climbing up the Tuscan walls."

Hughes added for now, they're only taking it one year at a time.

"We’ll get through this year and then we’ll see. But we’re very excited about this year."

5.  In case you missed it, Ed Sheeran is ENGAGED.

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Music sensation Ed Sheeran is engaged to girlfriend Cherry Seaborn.

Sheeran, who has been dating the British consultant since 2015, posted on Instagram about the news, telling fans he proposed very quietly last year.

“Got myself a fiancé just before new year. We are very happy and in love, and our cats are chuffed as well,” he wrote.

Sheeran first met Seaborn when the two attended Thomas Mills High School together in Framingham, Suffolk. 25-year-old Seaborn was in the year below Sheeran at school.

However, they didn’t get together during school, with Seaborn moving to the US to attend Duke University.

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