Remarried? New house? Plastic surgery? What the hell have the Married at First Sight couples been up to since filming ended?

It must’ve been like holding your breath for a year.

Finally, FINALLY, the men and women of Married at First Sight have been able to express themselves the only way humans currently know how: social media.

Now that the show’s over (along with all the “marriages” bar one), they’re free to post to their hearts’ content on Instagram, so we know just exactly what they’ve been up to.

Who’s in demand? Who’s sold their house? Who’s had a nose-job? What did Michelle’s real wedding look like? Whose dog has an underbite? Read on.

Lachlan has been spending a lot of time with his dentally-impaired dog, Snoop Dogg. Image via Instagram.

Clare and Lachlan, who were the last couple to call time on their relationship, have been fairly quiet. Extremely quiet if you consider the usual volume of Clare’s voice.

Lachlan has established an Instagram account and posted all of two pictures (both featuring his pooch Snoop Dogg), but internet is slow in the country. Both pictures are accompanied by impassioned pleas from women who want to date and/or marry him and live at his farm forever and ever.

Also, somewhat disconcertingly, Lachlan’s nose is totally different from on the show. Did the farmer get a nose-job? He looked perfectly handsome with his old, more character-filled nose, in our opinion.

As for Clare, there’s silence from her end, though this could just be the writer’s poor Instagram stalking skills.


Lachlan said in an interview with A Current Affair that despite their freqent blow-ups, Clare is a “kind and loving” person and that they are still friends.

Three of the boys, Michael, Alex and James, got together last weekend for what looked like a big night out at the Richmond Club Hotel in Victoria.

Two single guys and their wingman out on the town: James, Alex and Michael. Image via Instagram.

Meanwhile, Alex and Zoe, the only couple that stayed together, just sold his Ferntree Gully home.

They’re planning to purchase a larger family home together.

“SOLD!!! So many memories in this house but ready to start stage 2 of life with zoe and the dogs in a new home. Wonder if she still wants to be a ferntreegullan,” Alex tagged the picture.

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Sadly, the couple did think they were going to be welcoming a baby, but Zoe suffered a miscarriage.

Check out the good times and bad of Married at First Sight season 1… Post continues after gallery.

“Zoe fell pregnant and we didn’t want to say anything because we hadn’t reached that 12-13 week mark,” Alex told A Current Affair.

“It was the best news I’ve ever heard to be frank, I couldn’t wait to share it with the rest of Australia.”

“I love waking up to these two every morning,” Alex posted.

“But unfortunately, Zoe had a miscarriage – so it didn’t work out the way we were planning,” Alex said.


James and his “wife” Michelle broke up two months after the series finale, and she has since married another man.

James is having a secret romance with Roni, much to his amusement. Image via Instagram.

“I was exhausted from the whole experience, so I spent a couple of days in bed, was a little bit down and it took me a little while to come back out of it,” James told Nine News.

“I think that put a bit of pressure on the relationship.”

Michelle married an ex-boyfriend, Rob Worsley, and she and James haven’t spoken since September.

Michelle has finally been able to share all her wedding pics. Image via Instagram.

Despite rumours of a passionate love affair with James, it seems that Roni, whose relationship with Michael ended before the show’s finale, is still single.

“NO IDEA at it again!!” she wrote next to a regrammed pic of James holding the offending issue of New Idea.

“Last week I was dating Anthony and this week it’s James. Lucky me!”

Roni posted this picture to her Instagram account recently. Image via Instagram.

Although she and Michael didn’t end up together, she says she doesn’t regret doing the reality show.

“One year since my #marriedatfirstsight journey began. Even though love didn’t blossom between Michael and I we were lucky enough to share this once in a lifetime experience together. We have remained friends through all of this no hearts were broken,” she posted next to the picture above.

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