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Married at First Sight bride is PREGNANT. Maybe.

First comes love marriage, then comes  baby in a baby carriage!

What’s the next logical step after marrying a complete stranger as part of a reality TV “social experiment”?

Why, have a baby, of course!

That’s exactly what Married at First Sight‘s Clare and Lachlan have done, according to New Idea.

What to expect when you’re Married at First Sight… a baby! Allegedly. Lachlan and Clare look very pleased with themselves in this publicity shot.


It seems like just weeks ago they were two lonely singletons looking for love.

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Now, they’re a ready-made family! It’s a story made in gossip magazine heaven.

And according to a Nine Network spokesperson, that’s all it is.

Honeymoon conception? Lachlan and Clare wake up together after their marriage…

A Nine publicist told Mamamia that “Clare is not pregnant.”

It’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility, though. Clare made much of the fact that she’s 37 and childless, and Lachlan told Mamamia that he’s also very keen to start a family.

“I’ve always wanted, my whole life, to get married and have a family with kids so the fact that she’s on that same page with me was good.”

What do you reckon? Is there going to be a Married at First Sight baby?

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