Married at First Sight's Michelle has responded to critics labelling her "shameless".

Fans of this season of Married at First Sight feel like they’ve spent the last eight weeks waiting for 31-year-old twin Michelle to dump her fake husband, Jesse.

From the moment Michelle laid eyes on her groom, she wasn’t sold. He was too short, he did number twos in front of her (but actually), and their chemistry was minimal compared to Michelle’s sister Sharon and her fake husband, Nick.

So when Michelle finally did break up with 31-year-old Jesse from South Australia during last night’s commitment ceremony, we expected Australia to breathe a collective sigh of relief. But instead, they got angry. Really angry.

According to many viewers, Michelle had dragged out her relationship because she “just wanted to stay on TV,” and her quest for fame was nothing short of “cruel” and “shameless.”


We can only imagine today hasn’t been easy for a woman being almost universally torn apart on social media, while her ex-fake husband is heralded as the perfect man to be Australia’s next Bachelor (guys… we already know who the next Bachelor is. It’s Matty J. Please.)

But now, Michelle seems to have had enough of the relentless criticism, posting a video to Instagram defending her relationship with Jesse and her intentions on the show.


“Jess and I are content and happy,” she wrote. “We made a commitment… the day we met and we honoured that. Only we know the true bond we have.”

“We can both walk away from this experiment knowing we gave it our best,” she said.

In the video, the pair appear happy, and thank their fans for their support during the show. Michelle says the experience has “been a roller coaster of emotions,” and that she and Jesse “came into it and we committed to eight weeks of this journey.”

“We gained a true friendship,” she says. “We’ve only gained from this experiment, in my books.”

Jesse then reiterates, “both of us can say this experiment has been one of the best experiences of our lives,” and says both he and Michelle will use what they’ve learned in their future relationships.

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While an overwhelming number of the comments on the post are positive, some fans still feel Michelle did the wrong thing by her experimental partner. “She could have bailed at the start and saved him the humiliation,” read one comment. “Poor Jess.”

Others felt the show set the couple up to fail.

“You got rorted,” wrote on fan. “To add emotion to the show, to attempt to create jealousy and conflict between you and your sister… Jesse and Nick are completely different guys.”

“The ‘experts’ would know that a fella like Nick would be a better match for you both, but they matched you with someone completely opposite…”

We’re sure the speculation will only continue in the lead up to the show’s reunion episodes early next week.