John is giving Married at First Sight another shot and by god, Australia is rooting for him.

They say when you fail, try, try again.

And after last season’s marriage didn’t go to plan, that’s exactly what Married At First Sight‘s John Robertson is doing.

The 55 year-old single father has become the first person ever to return to the show for a second time, and he’s hoping this marriage, his third, will be the charm.

Remember this? Image: MAFS/Nine

In case you missed it, the father of two was paired with 54 year-old Deborah Brosnan from the Sunshine Coast, who couldn't hide her disappointment at the altar when John wasn't "someone from the Polynesian islands" as she had wanted.


And after watching his heartbreak last year, Australia is bloody rooting for John to find true love.




"I don't have a type. They can be blonde, brunette, whatever, they've gotta be shorter than me," he told TV Week ahead of tonight's episode.

While it's still early days, things already got off to a much better start than last year.

Namely there was no lamenting the absence of a Polynesian groom.

53 year-old journalist Melissa did recognise her new husband John from the previous season.


"Yes! I know who you are! I watched rerun and rerun and rerun...This is a massive surprise for me. Yeah, I wasn't expecting that it would be him at the end of the aisle, but I'm absolutely thrilled," she said as she was walked down the aisle by her father.

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"I get really good vibes from him. He seems like a really nice guy. And I think that's just a really good start for me."

And it was a yes so far from John too.


"It's long road to travel to see if we actually do mesh, but everything's good about her. She's bubbly, she's charming, she's lovely, she's, yeah. Maybe this one's - maybe it's got a chance!"

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