Married At First Sight's Jo blasted psychologist John Aiken: 'Why did you set us up?'

Married At First Sight‘s Jo has had a rough trot. Things haven’t been going well since her TV husband Sean muttered “Oh sh*t” when he saw her walking down the aisle.

The 39-year old single mum was “blindsided” last week when Sean revealed he wanted out of the marriage. And this week, after deciding all hope was lost, Jo had a go at the man who brought her and Sean together – ‘relationship expert’ John Aiken.


'Why did you set us up?' a clearly riled Jo asked the psychologist, who seemed taken aback.

"And a question I had for you John is, in your personal opinion, why did you set us up? Clearly my instructions were strong. We had a big chat, you know, about what I wanted and then...This is what I got delivered," she said, and none too gently. 

John replied: "After talking to the both of you, there were a lot of strong elements of compatibility. You're both very independent people. You're also people who were open to having a relationship with someone with kids."

Sean made it clear he still wanted to leave, giving Jo no choice but to do the same. But she hasn't excited the competition happily.

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"I'm feeling sad to leave, to be honest with you. I didn't want my journey to end," Jo said. "I'm still really hopeful for love. I think I just deserve better. I deserve better than what Sean would ever give me."