Married at First Sight's Andrew may have just given away the fate of several couples.

At this point in the current season of Married at First Sight, it’s somewhat impossible to predict which couples will stay together once their televised-fake-married-experiment is over.

Weeks ago, we were sure Sean and Susan were the George and Amal of Australian reality TV, but then out of nowhere, Susan went rogue and decided their lifestyles were entirely incompatible. And apparently that’s a logical reason to decide to remain friends rather than to pursue a romantic relationship. Eugh.

Then there are several couples we thought were matched purely for entertainment purposes who appear to semi… like each other?

It’s weird.

Whhhhat is happening with these guys? Image via Channel 9.

But now, Andrew from the show, AKA Jonesy, AKA the guy whose wife became a missing person on his wedding night, has posted a photo to Instagram that might just give away who stays together and who doesn't.

After Tuesday night's episode, the 38-year-old firefighter wrote on the platform, "Don’t ever feel guilty confiding in good friends, if they’re good mates they’ll want to know everything that goes on behind the scenes..."

"If they’re great mates they will already know.. There’s always more to a situation than meets the eye."

Image via Instagram: Jonesy_Jonesy_Jonesy.

But it's who is and who isn't in the photo that has us particularly interested.

First, while Sean is with the group, his experimental partner Susan is not, while surprisingly, both Michelle and Jesse attended the catch up. Vanessa and Andy, as well as Sharon and Nick, are the only other couples pictured.

Meanwhile, Simon's experimental partner Alene is missing, as is Andrew's second-fake-girlfriend Cheryl. Thankfully, Nadia's fake husband Anthony is also not there.


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Or were a few people just... busy?

To me, the most surprising couple who appear to still be together after the show are Michelle and Jesse. Quite frankly, Michelle hasn't appeared to like Jesse very much at all over the last few weeks.

The most enjoyable time they've spent together was when Michelle forced Jesse to get a spray tan, and in turn, humiliated him in front of Australia. I would have confidently predicted that Michelle was going to choose to leave Jesse this coming Sunday at the commitment ceremony, but perhaps Andrew's Instagram post presents a clue that all is not what it seems.

Only time will tell, but surely the number of couples who attended this catch up after the show can only be a good sign.

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