The terrifying moment Married At First Sight's Clare saw a man spying on her outside her house.

It seems a chance at “true love” isn’t the only thing contestants sign up for when they agree to participate in reality TV shows.

Apparently, they can also bank on regular invasions of privacy, as Clare Verrall from Married At First Sight discovered today.

The Melbournite was snapped by paparazzi while doing possibly the most mundane thing you could imagine: waiting for an Uber and checking her phone. 

Luckily, she took the slightly very creepy photograph in good humour, posting the picture to her own Instagram with the caption, “Got ‘papped’ laughing at my friends text while waiting for an Uber. So I look like I’m just a crazy person laughing at her phone. Whole thing is so weird!!!!!!!!!”


But the weirdness doesn’t stop there.

In a follow-up comment on the post, Clare explained to a follower that they paparazzi “are after all the brides.”

“I yelled at one hiding in his car outside my house last week. It’s a weird, weird world. The most annoying thing is I now have to put on some make up & run a brush through my hair to walk my dog instead of going with my usual roll out of bed, put clothes on possibly backwards look,” she added.

She joked to another fan, “They will probably get me putting my bins out in my pajamas!”

Ah, fame. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.