We ask Clare about the moments before she was forced to the awkward dinner party.

Last night’s episode of Married at First Sight saw a very tense dinner party and the break up of troubled “married” couple Clare Verrall and Jono Pitman. But Verrall says the episode was misleading.

“It looks like I’m crying over him all the time, and I’m not,” the 32-year-old told Mamamia.

Verrall’s behaviour at the dinner party drew a significant amount of criticism from fans of the show, with many saying she was sniping at Pittman.

But sources close to the show have told Mamamia there was a good reason for Verrall’s attitude.

“Some of the things Jono said to her before the dinner were awful,” the source said. “They [Channel 9] wouldn’t have been able to air it, it was that bad.”

The episode ended with Verrall and Pittman calling their “marriage” quits, with Verall crying in bed and Pittman sitting in a spa, wistfully staring into the distance while removing his commitment ring.


This is what hell looks like. Source: Channel 9.

Taking to the show's Facebook page, one viewer wrote, "Clare showed her true colours at the dinner party. Jono showed her respect all she did was tear strips off him trying to prove her point. Just shows how immature Clare really is, plus she self sabotaged the whole relationship then blamed Jono. He's way to good for her."

"Run Jono, she's controlling jealous patronizing and domineering!!!!" wrote another.

Jono and Clare and reunited after their fight. Post continues after video... 

Video by Channel 9

But Verrall is taking it all in her stride and refusing to have her feathers ruffled.

Ahead of last night's episode Verrall posted a clear message to those wanting to bring her down via her Instagram.

"I'm going to befriend the sh*t out of my haters. Try and hate me when I make us the sickest friendship bracelets." the image read.


"I've been really working on improving my crafting skills in preparation!" Verall captioned.

"There's all these people telling me I'm a bitch and I'm insecure," Clare told Mamamia. "And I'm not a bitch, but I am insecure.

"Then there's one person who just wrote, "you're ugly" and it's like, okay. I mean that says more about you than it does about me. Am I meant to care?"

Clare also posted the video below to Instagram this morning. Post continues...



Clare reflects on her partnership with Jono. Post continues after video... 

Video by Channel 9

Despite the tumultuous end to her relationship with Pittman, Verrall says there is a silver lining to her time on the show.

"The other girls and I have all become really close friends. We're all in constant contact with each other and always having a laugh."

And proving that solidarity in the sisterhood is stronger than any wedding ceremony, Clare said that the support from her new friends extended to last night.

"Erin and her bridesmaids actually came over and watched the episode with me last night, and Christie and Simone watched the episode together up in Sydney."

Christie and Simone watching last night's episode of MaFS. source: Instagram.

In what couldn’t have been an easy night of TV viewing, she continued, "only the four of us know what really went on, so we’ve definitely found some new friends".

Jono has since appeared on The Today Show, saying his "that isn't what I ordered" comment about Clare was taken out of context (despite saying it more than once) and confirmed that he is currently seeing someone