Married at First Sight's Cheryl has explained the 'man in her bed' story.

Last week, a friend of Married at First Sight’s Andrew Jones told Woman’s Day that his fake-wife, Cheryl, had brought another man into their bed during filming.

“Cheryl got home as the sun was coming up,” the friend told the magazine.

“[She] climbed into bed with Andrew — and so did the guy she’d brought home with her.”


It was thought that if this story were true, it might explain some of Andrew’s poor behaviour towards Cheryl on the show.

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But speaking to on Monday, Cheryl said the claims were “ridiculous” and explained the true story behind the gossip.

During the home visit to her home town of the Gold Coast, Andrew met some of Cheryl’s friends for drinks. And yes, one came home with her.

“It’s all blown up. To clear the air, I brought back (home) my gay best friend, who Andrew knows,” she said.

“He had no problem with him. Andrew moved over to one side of the bed. I was in the middle and my friend was beside me.

“It’s all a stab at me to say I’m not who I am portrayed on TV. It’s just stupid little things.”

The 25-year-old said Andrew “didn’t have a problem” with the situation at the time.

"It's just stupid little things." Image via Channel 9.

"I find it funny how he does now. I would never just bring a guy into my bed — that’s just ridiculous," she added.

Woman's Day also quoted Andrew's friend as saying that earlier that night, one of Cheryl's friends had "crawled across the table and pushed [Andrew] in the neck with her high heel until he left."

Again, there was more to the story. While she didn't elaborate, she did tell, "There was an incident that he reacted (to) and then he got kicked out and I was confused."

"It was an incident — I wasn’t there. It’s something 18-year-olds deal with — he’s 38 in the club. It’s stupid."

Personally, I'm just ecstatic that even though the show will be finishing soon, the drama most definitely will not.

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