Which Married at First Sight groom is set to appear on another reality dating show?


It makes sense, really.

He’s a farmer, and he really wants a wife.

We don’t even know why he bothered with Married at First Sight when there’s clearly only one reality show he should have considered.

Oh, OK – we’ll stop beating around the bush! (Geddit?) LACHLAN FROM MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT IS GOING TO BE ON FARMER WANTS A WIFE.

Lachlan has been spending a lot of time with his pooch since he and Clare split up, but things are about to get romantic around the old homestead again. Image via Instagram.

On the “social experiment” that was Married at First Sight, Lachlan was paired with  Clare, whose personality seemed to clash with his laconic farm-boy demeanour.

The couple did decide to stay together on the show’s finale, but they split two months later, leaving Lachlan back on the farm with only Snoop Dogg (that’s his dog) for company.

Lachlan and Clare stayed together for a few months after the show ended, but ultimately decided to split. Image via Nine Network.

The lonely farmer’s Instagram account has been inundated with offers from ladies to keep him company, but perhaps he’s become institutionalised and can only date in a reality-show environment now.

Check out what happened during Lachlan’s Married at First Sight stint…

Despite his down-to-earth personality, Lachlan seems to have taken to his new media profile readily, speaking with A Current Affair and Today and possibly having had a nose-job.

New nose? Who knows? Image via ACA.

According to our sources, Lachlan was a late addition to the new season of Farmer Wants a Wife.

Filming has not yet begun, and producers are in the “application for wives phase.”

What are you waiting for, ladies?

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