A Married at First Sight insider has let slip which couple has the most chemistry.

Married at First Sight expert Dr Trisha Stratford has disclosed which couple had the most chemical compatibility during the scientific testing phase of the experiment.

Stratford is a a clinical neuropsychotherapist, which means she studies the chemicals associated with love, and what makes two potential partners biologically compatible.

In order to pair the couples, each participant must wear a t-shirt to bed every night, with no deodorant or fragrances to deter from their natural scent.

Dr Trisha Stratford spoke to Clare Stephens and Kelly Glover on this week’s episode of The Recap. Post continues below. 

They then store the t-shirts in air tight bags, and have each person perform a “sniff test”, whereby they report whether or not they find the scent attractive.

Dr Stratford explains that a woman can detect a mans pheromones from more than three metres away, and it’s an unconscious biological process designed to assess the immune system of a potential mate.

We want an immune system that is different and complementary to ours, so we can produce strong offspring.

So which couple had the most intense chemical compatibility? According to Stratford, it was perhaps the most unlikely couple of the season, Simon and Alene.

Alene and Simon. Image via Channel 9.

"Simon absolutely adored the smell of Alene," Stratford says.


Of all 10 couples, Simon and Alene have so far had the greatest problems when it comes to attraction. Upon meeting Simon, Alene said "the physical attraction is not there, which worries me, because it's important to have that in a romantic relationship."

After the pair spent the night together, Alene woke up harbouring the same concerns, and doubting that the attraction would grow.

In Dr Stratford's interview with Mamamia podcast The Recap, she insisted that the experts "don't match to order", and so it's expected that many of the couples will be surprised when they reach the altar.

"We don't match to order." Image via Channel 9.

After all, Married at First Sight is ultimately an experiment, and with that comes a certain set of risks.

But, according to Stratford, Simon and Alene have more than attraction going for them.

When she was asked to choose the three couples most likely to enjoy a long and happy relationship together, she identified Susan and Sean, Sharon and Nick and - believe it or not - Simon and Alene.

We can't wait to see how this unlikely romance unfolds.

You can listen to the full episode of The Recap, here. 

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