Ashley's sister was interviewed on radio today and boy did she have some things to say.


It would appear Married at First Sight Ashley’s sister Summer Irvin has no issue getting straight down to the dirty business, telling Fitzy and Wippa on Tuesday exactly what she thought of her sister’s ex, Troy.

“He thinks everyone loves him and that they should love him, that he’s the complete package,” she told the show, adding “he’s so fake — he’s putting on an act.”

“Within five minutes [of meeting him] I was like ‘No, no way’ … Everyone thinks he’s this nice guy, but he’s not — he’s really not. He’s fooling everyone and I feel bad my sister got dragged along.”

She confirmed that yes, Troy and Carly were dating and no, her sister doesn’t really talk to Carly anymore.

“Is [tonight’s episode] the one where Troy and Carly profess their love for each other?” Fitzy asked Summer.

“It’s all out now. Troy’s like Dean 2.0,” Summer replied.

She went on to rubbish rumours he is a virgin; rumours that began after his sister told the press the reality star had never had sex.

“No he’s definitely not … him and his sister haven’t spoken in about 10 years — they’re estranged,” she said.

Clare and Jessie Stephens debrief on the moment Troy realises Ashley hates him in every way.

In a separate interview this morning, Ashley told News Corp she was “blindsided” by the break-up.

“I was very surprised. I can’t imagine saying ‘I love you’ to someone one week and then, a few weeks later, dumping them,” she said.

“He also had the chance to leave every week if he thought I was that mean, so I think I was blindsided.”

However, she added she hopes the two can be amicable in the future.

“I feel like we have bonded for life … I would like to be friendly and amicable,” she said.