Health wrap: The best anti-ageing cream according to science.

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The health stories that have captivated us today:

1. The most advanced anti-ageing serum has arrived

Every ad campaign for an anti-ageing product claims it’s the most advanced one on the market. But the scientists behind a new wrinkle-busting serum say they’ve found a way to tailor the product to each person who uses it, based on their DNA. Woah.

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Geneu’s creators use a new microchip device to analyse a person’s genetic code, which tells them how fast that person’s body degrades collagen and what their antioxident level is. This information allows them to develop the serum specifically for that customer, providing them with the exact amount of collagen and antioxidants their body needs to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Apparently, ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t really apply to skin products – too much or too little collagen can be problematic for some people.

According to clinical trials, Geneu can reduce fine lines and wrinkles by 30% within 12 weeks. However, it’s not available yet, so in the meantime you could try one of these:

Clever scientists. Very clever indeed. (via The Telegraph)

2. Marriage is good for your heart

The study - one of the first and biggest of its kind - investigated data from 1200 married men and women aged 57-85, and found a positive correlation between marriage quality and heart health. The researchers compared each subject's self-reports of hypertension and other cardiovascular 'events' with how they perceived the quality of their marriage, including how critical their spouse is.


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The correlation appeared to grow even stronger as each couple aged together - and women were more likely to suffer heart problems than their male spouses. Hmph. (via The Huffington Post)

3. Another reason to start running

Running has so many benefits. It keeps you fit, helps you think clearly, and gives you an excuse to listen to all that fun teenybopper music you pretend to hate (but deep down, really love - One Direction, anyone?). Now, there's a new big plus on the list: running as you enter old age will keep your energy levels young.

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A new study has found older men and women who run, rather than walk, several times a week have similar energy intake levels to a 20-year-old's. On the other hand, those who walk expend up to 22% more energy than the younger subjects - though that's not to say walking doesn't have health benefits of its own.

Well, that proves you're never too old to take up running, huh? (via TIME)

What's the most interesting health finding you've read lately?