Thousands turn out to support marriage equality at rally today.

We don’t need a referendum to show how many Australians support marriage equality.

Today thousands of same-sex marriage supporters made their voices heard in Melbourne, rallying for marriage equality in the city’s centre after the Government announced it would not allow its members a conscience vote on the issue.

Equal Love, who organised today’s event, used the platform to encourage Liberal National Party members who support marriage equality to cross the floor on the issue and to highlight the fact that the majority of Australians support amending the Marriage Act to recognise same-sex couples.

“We know what the people think about this and we don’t need a plebiscite or a conscience vote. Poll after poll shows the majority of people support equality at 72%  in favour,” Equal Love convener Ali Hogg said.

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Earlier this week the Prime Minister – who is publicly against legalising same-sex marriage – said that the matter should be put to the people by way of a plebiscite or constitutional referendum.

“It’s not an especially complex piece of policy. It is pretty instinctive whether or not you support the concept of same sex marriage… and this is quite properly something that should be decided by the Australian people.”

Tony Abbott, pictured here with his sister Christine Forster who is in a same-sex relationship, is strongly against marriage equality.

Members of the Australian Labor Party, including opposition leader Bill Shorten, and members of the Australian Greens appeared at the event today to show their support for marriage equality in Australia.

In recent days, Liberal MPs in favour of marriage equality have said that they are willing to cross the floor if the bill makes it to the House of Representatives.

Warren Entsch, Wyatt Roy, Dean Smith, Teresa Gambaro and Ewen Jones are all willing to vote in favour of the bill if it makes it to the house.

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