The Marriage Equality Pledge.

Between now and when Australia achieves Marriage Equality, I pledge I will:

  • Enrol to vote (if I am not already) and encourage others to enrol asap. (You can do that here)
  • NOT boycott the vote. Yes, this vote hurts and it may not even be legal, but we need to show up in overwhelming numbers to support a positive outcome for Marriage Equality so I will vote and I will encourage others not to boycott.
  • Use the phrase Marriage Equality instead of same-sex or gay marriage. This is a far more inclusive way to discuss the issue.
  • Check in with my LGBTIQ family, friends and acquaintances to see if they are ok. This debate isn’t kind and people’s resilience and mental health is already suffering.  Just knowing people care enough to check-in is awesome
  • If I have the ability, donate to LGBTIQ causes and/or to specific coalitions working on supporting a positive outcome for Marriage Equality. (Some include StartOut, AustraliansforEquality and GetUp!)
  • Sign this petition for a free vote on Marriage Equality in the Parliament:
  • Be brave. I will respectfully challenge when I hear people say Marriage Equality is not cool or something we shouldn’t have in Australia.  I will not allow fact-free, bigoted conversations to happen.  I will shut down hate speech and respectfully challenge ideas; on the bus, online and within my family and friendship circles. But when those who oppose go low, I will stay high.  We can’t give in to hate.
  • Critically evaluate the question put to us when we get to vote on Marriage Equality – because I just know the current Government will try to skew this towards defeat somehow. I will make sure I know I am voting FOR Marriage Equality and make sure my friends know too.
  • Write to my MP’s and Senators; better yet if I can I will call them and better than that, I will show up in person to chat about why Marriage Equality is important to me and why we should have a free vote in the Parliament to achieve it. I will tell them why even if the postal vote comes back with a negative response, they should keep working on Marriage Equality.
  • Thank people who are actively supporting and advocating for Marriage Equality – especially our politicians. Everyone needs affirmation and encouragement for playing their part.
  • Speak to the people in my street, neighbourhood, church, teams, workplace and community about this issue and engage them in a positive discussion about voting FOR Marriage Equality. I will share stories of friends and family members who are affected by this and why it matters deeply to them and to us as a nation.
  • Check in with LGBTIQ friends and ask if I can share their stories on social media. I know that the political is personal and if people currently sitting on the fence can just see how this affects real human lives, they might be persuaded to help get this done
  • Share this pledge far and wide and advocate for others to share it too