"I'm scared my husband and I will end up like my parents."

When we started sleeping in separate rooms, I started to really worried we were becoming my parents.

My husband and I have been together now for 15 years and we’re starting to become a little too much like my parents for my liking.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always thought of my parent’s marriage as a little abnormal. They’ve always been more like brother and sister and I’ve never witnessed any passion that would explain the fact they had three children. They slept in separate rooms, rarely spent any time together and squabbled a lot.

I was determined that when I grew up and found The One, it would be different. We would be in love, passionate, romantic, connected, everything my parent’s weren’t.

Maybe we will be close again, maybe not.

It started off really well, but fast-forward 15 years and my husband and I are sleeping in separate rooms, squabbling and I can't remember the last time we went out for dinner together.

We have three children, we eat entire meals without speaking a word and we have, in fact, become exactly like my parents.


So now I find myself desperately trying to repair the damage. I sat my husband down and we talked about the state of our marriage. He didn't see a problem! We sleep in separate rooms because he had become an incredibly loud snorer, we squabble over silly things but then again, who doesn't? And the reason we don't go out to dinner together is because our children take up all of our time and energy.


Amid all of our squabbling we often joke that in ten years time we'll get on a cruise ship and never get off. Ever.

Not like my parent's then. My dad suffers from major motion sickness and would never do that.

So yes, my husband and I have become like my parents but I haven't given up yet. With a bit of extra attention, hopefully we can turn the wheels back before we become more like brother and sister than husband and wife.

Because sometimes it happens, without you even noticing it.

We've been trying to sleep in the same room. Gosh can the man snore.

Do you find your relationship is more and more like your parents as the years go by? Do you worry about it?

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