Mark Bouris: 'The two Celebrity Apprentice contestants I couldn't stand.'

His show’s over, and Mark Bouris is pleased to be done with two contestants in particular.

Celebrity Apprentice host Mark Bouris has given a no-holds-barred interview revealing there were two contestants he didn’t exactly, erm, click with on the show.

After Sophie Monk was crowned the winner, Bouris told news.com.au, there was one male and one female contestant with whom he felt a “personality clash” — describing their behaviour as “too good for everything.”

He also said they were prone to [w]hinging and carrying on,” and added that the two unnamed “Prima donnas” annoyed “the sh*t” out of him. (Woah, Mark. Tell us what you really think.)

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The scathing interview follows a verbal attack on Bouris by contestant Gina Liano, 48. Last month, Real Housewives of Melbourne star and criminal barrister Liano gave an interview calling Bouris “rude and disrespectful” after the left the show due to a painful bout of illness.

“He is quite rude, he is dismissive and in fact I have never been in any scenario with a man who is so disrespectful, to be honest” the glamorous star said in a candid interview with news.com.au.

“I may not have even done the show had I known, to be honest.”

Gina Liano previously voiced her grievances about Bouris. (Image: Instagram)

Speaking to news.com.au yesterday, Bouris said: “Gina’s very good at promoting Gina”.

He also questioned why she “persists on trying to be part of the show” after leaving.

“I might have had maximum, in the whole period, five minutes of chat to her. So I don’t really know how she makes her assessments,” he said.

Elsewhere in the interview, Bouris described an unnamed female contestant complaining constantly about the cold on the show.

“I’ve heard one particular person say it’s always too cold in the studio,” he said. “She complained a lot.”

Mark Bouris least favourite contestants
The male contestants on the show were NRL star Matt Cooper, Big Brother winner Tim Dormer, Hollywood Gossip Guru Richard Reid, The (former) Bachelor Blake Garvey, TV Host James Mathison and celebrity Tycoon Geoffrey Edelsten. It’s not clear which male star Bouris clashed with. (Image: Nine)

While it’s unclear which male star Bouris didn’t like on the show, he did tell news.com.au yesterday that former Big Brother winner Tim Dormer, 31, had a habit of picking fights on the series.

“He did it in a way that was very, very clever. He made others look like they were picking the fight,” he said. “He’s very good at moving the chess board around.”

On last night’s episode, Bouris also told Dormer to toughen up after the curly-haired contestant asked Bouris to let him quit the show.

Mark Bouris least favourite contestants
Bouris said that former Big Brother winner Tim Dormer, 31, had a habit of picking fights on the series. (Image: Nine)

Meanwhile, Dormer has previously taken aim at both Richard Reid and Sophie Monk.

“There is a hierarchy of egos on that show,” he told AAP.

Referring to Reid and Monk, he said:  “They have both worked in LA where it is cut-throat, where you compare yourself to your competition. Where it’s all about who is the prettiest or working your way to the top by doing things I wouldn’t do.”

Reid has also been criticised by contestant Mel Greig — after he retweeted a nasty message calling Grieg a “murderer” — and by Liano, when Reid took issue with her singing Dormer’s praises on last night’s finale episode.

“What happened to you, did you take a bitch pill?” Liano asked Reid on Wednesday’s show.

Mark Bouris least favourite contestants
Reid looked offended after Liano asked him: “What happened to you, did you take a bitch pill?” (Image: Nine)

Well, then. Sounds like Bouris’ “personality clashes” weren’t the only ones present on the Channel Nine show…

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