Coles accused of selling illegal drugs in the herb section.


Coles’ prices may be down down but one man has accused the company of helping consumers get up up on a drug-induced high.

A Melbourne artist is on a drug-free crusade, claiming the supermarket is running a drug racket in the herb aisle.

Andrew Onorato posted a picture to the Coles facebook page yesterday, damning the sale of the herb marjoram.  He said it was “disgusting” that the supermarket was “supporting the legalisation and sale of marjorama”.


The empassioned plea quickly went viral, with many praising the man for bring it to the attention of consumers:

Of major concern was the ability for children to easily access the herb, but as some pointed out: many children were unlikely to be caught scoffing leafy greens in the herb aisle:

The post, which had thousands of likes and comments, was deleted by Coles. The company has declined to respond.


Mr Onorato said the move was the supermarket “covering its tracks” and he would stop at nothing to continue investigating this “huge drug network”.



The herb, with sweet pine and citrus flavors, is synonymous with oregano, with varieties including sweet marjoram, knotted marjoram, and even “pot” marjoram.  It goes brilliantly with roast chicken, tomato based dishes and quiche. There are no known cases of it causing a disorientation, lack of physical coordination, often followed by hysterical laughing, paranoia or sudden and unexplained craving for snack food.

Mr Onorato, we salute you for being alert and alarmed in the ‘erb aisle. But remember, it’s completely preposterous that a huge, national, family friendly company would ever partake in the illegal drug trade.