"The $9 face mist my skin can't get enough of this summer."

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A few weeks ago, my cousin pressed Mario Badescu’s facial spray with aloe, herbs and rose water ($9) into my hand. 

“It’s so hydrating,” she fawned. “It gets rid of that greasy feeling.”

She praised this wonder spray like a teenage girl recounting the details of her first crush, and I couldn’t shut her up.

"It’s like summer in a bottle." (Image: Supplied)


I'll admit I was skeptical (honestly, what could a squirt of rosey water really do for my face?), but I followed her orders and dropped the bottle into my handbag. Later, on a particularly hot day, I decided to give it a whirl.


The first thing I noticed was the scent; it’s like summer in a bottle.

That's just the start. The combination of herbs and rosewater — an agent that's said to soothe sensitive and irritated skin — leaves my face feeling cool and refreshed when it so desperately needs it.

Watch: Four ways to use a facial mist. (Post continues after video.)

And yes, the spray will dampen your face, but it’s also quick to dry.

If you've got super dry or super oily skin, the aloe vera content will be like your knight in shining armour. I could feel my skin hydrating almost instantly.

While it's great for on-the-go use, this mist is also the perfect cherry on top when it comes to your makeup routine. Once you've applied your finishing touches, a quick spritz will help to hold everything in place. Think of it as hairspray to the face. (Post continues after gallery.)

It’s an affordable product and I've fallen for it — especially in this warm weather.

And, in news my cousin will love, it's earned a permanent spot in my handbag.

What's your favourite budget beauty buy?