Big burly blokes joyously singing along to 'Let it Go' is completely adorable.

Ever wondered how world domination would sound set to music? The answer is: a lot like Idina Menzel.

Since it was unleashed on us last year, ‘Let It Go’ – the empowering anthem from Disney’s Frozen – has won over hearts and iTunes accounts across the globe. And by the look of things, it’s not going anywhere.

YouTube is at risk of imploding under the weight of thousands of cover versions and you can’t turn a corner these days without hearing “that perfect giiiiiiirl is gooooone” being belted out by an enthusiastic young fan (raised arms and stamping feet included).

However, it’s not just your seven-year-old daughter/niece/sister/neighbour who’s channelling Elsa at all hours of the day and night when the chance arises. The burliest of men are getting in on the action too, with completely adorable results.

Bill Nuche, a marine in Texas, USA, posted a video on Facebook of some of his comrades giving it their all. “Ok this is what happens when you let a bunch of marines watch ‘Frozen’,” he wrote.

We’re oh-so grateful you decided to share this, Bill.

There is almost too much to love in this video: the vocals, the dancing, the divalicious hand gestures and the way they completely lose their shit when Elsa pulls out her braid and switches her modest winter gown for that sparkly, slinky number. It’s the very definition of unbridled enthusiasm and proof that Frozen knows no bounds.

Bill was eventually told to take his version of the video down but, happily for us, the evidence lives on. The stars of the video are yet to comment on the incident but we’re sure a bit of internet fame never bothered them anyway. *Sassy hair toss here*

UPDATE: On watching this video again, the MM office is divided over whether this video really is adorable – or if it’s just a little creepy. If you look closely, the moment this group of burly blokes is waiting for — and the moment they let out the loudest cheer — is the moment Elsa  flicks her hair free and arguably transforms to “sexy Elsa”. What do you think?

Are you sick of ‘Let It Go’ yet? Does this video make you melt inside, or feel a little uncomfortable?