Mariah Carey just gave us a tour of James Packer's "his 'n hers" luxury super yachts.

You know what I like doing in my spare time? Looking at pretty things that I’ll never in my life be able to afford.

Like designer makeup! And Siberian huskies! And 192 foot-long luxury super yachts!

Well, lucky me, because Mariah Carey has taken Entertainment Tonight on a tour of her fiancé James Packer’s boat. And it’s just Divine with-a-capital-D, daaaaarlings.

Introducing: The biggest, most luxurious boat thingy you ever did see. (Image: ET)

Actually, in the interest of specificity, Mariah and James have 'his and hers' yachts because, in the singer's own words, “I think it’s important to have his-and-hers anything."

So this gigantic vessel is only occupied by Mariah and her two girls, Monroe and Moroccan, while James drives an even bigger yacht side-by-side. How very relatable.

Did I mention this bad boy costs $444,000 AUD to rent out EVERY SINGLE WEEK? I know - I'm seeing black dots everywhere too. (Post continues after gallery.)

Of course, Mariah wore a glitter-encrusted bikini for the ET segment, because nothing compliments "luxury super yacht" like "glitter-encrusted 'kini" does, am I right?

Anyway — on to the part we all care about: the super fan-cee giant boat thingy.

First up, we have the bedroom, which I am naming 'A Tree's Nightmare'.

Got wood? (Image: ET)

Then we've got the bathroom, which I am naming 'Marblellous'.

Marble, marble everywhere.

Aaaaaand one of the many dining areas, named 'Mariah Carey pls befriend me'.

And, like, y'know... invite me around to dinners and parties, etc.

And THEN there's the dining room (a.k.a. A Tree's Nightmare Part Two).


It doesn't stop at wooden walls and gold mirrors - Mariah's mammoth vessel of luxury boasts six staterooms, two bars, a jacuzzi, a gym and a library.

Yes, Mariah and James' boat has a LIBRARY, people. IT HAS A FUJUCKING LIBRARY.

Alrighty, then, I think I've had enough of Celebrity Land for today. I think I need to lie down.

Featured image: ET (screengrab)