FLUFF: Mariah Carey shares gorgeous make-up-free photos.

1980s pop goddess Mariah Carey, who is not above demanding two minders to lower her onto a couch and has drunkenly confessed to routinely firing her nannies, may be best known for her bizarre diva demands.

But this week, she tweeted some photos that will thaw even the most hardened Mariah-sceptics’ heart.

Four intimate images of her family, husband of six years Nick Cannon and three-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan, were posted on her Twitter account on Saturday.

The pictures, which feature the pop star with frizzy plaits and no makeup, were accompanied by the caption  Sweet sweet family moments’.

They reveal that:

a) she totally hasn’t split with husband Nick Cannon, despite recent rumours;

b) that she looks amazing and surprisingly sweet and innocent without her usual layers of bling.

Carey and her family are currently hanging at an unidentified luxurious beach resort while she finishes her new album, The Art of Letting Go, which is due in early May. M.C. looks like a #Beautiful mother, if these cute pics are anything to go by.

And let’s have a closer look at that adorable black and white photo…

But just to make sure you don’t lose sight of the fact that she’s an extremely sexy mama, Mariah also popped out to hotel pool at twilight to pose for a few casual sexy-silhouette photos, which she also posted on Instie.

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