10 times Mariah Carey reached peak Mariah Carey, darrrrrling.

Ah, Mariah.

She’s the quintessential diva and we bloody LUV her for it.

The sunglasses. The yachts. The tres sequinned outfits. Everything. 

Look, if I had to sum up the songstress in a single ‘gram, it’d be this one:

Hot tub moments #pondeboat ⚓️????

A video posted by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on Jul 22, 2016 at 10:46pm PDT

Being the world’s sassiest pop queen, we thought our honourary Aussie (in case you missed it, she’s engaged to bajill-zill-squillionaire James Packer) deserved a tribute.

A listicle tribute, if you will, for all the Mariah Moments that have captivated us over the years.


1. That time she appeared on HSN

Whowuddathunkit – Mariah Carey graced the Home Shopping Network with her goddess-like presence.

Back in 2011, the pop star DEMANDED the live TV crew only film her from particular angles, and snapped whenever the cameraman dared to go rogue.

Oh, she wasn’t thrilled about her earrings selling for “only $40”, either. Savage.

Sweet baby Jesus I'm so devo I missed this episode. (Image: HSN)

2. That time she gave birth to a soundtrack of herself singing.

Mariah said in interviews that in 2011 when she was in labour with her twin girls, Monroe and Moroccan Scott (of course), she asked hospital staff to play a live version of her hit "Fantasy" as she birthed.


Why? "So they could hear the applause as they entered the world."

3. That time she expected a red carpet to be rolled out wherever she went.

Ohhhh THAT time.

Back in 2005, Mariah booked to stay at the Baglioni Hotel in London - but wouldn't enter the room until her "crew" made sure everything was up to Mariah's lavish standards.

According to the mags, she even refused to get out of the limo until hotel staff rolled out a red carpet for her arrival.

4. That time she wanted 20 white kittens and 100 white doves.

For her 2009 Christmas Lights performance at London's Westfield Shopping Centre, Mariah made the super normal, not-at-all outrageous request of 20 white kittens and 100 white doves.

Westfield's response? "No."

5. That time she worked out in heels.

In case you missed the memo: MARIAH DOESN'T WEAR RUNNERS.

On MTV’s Cribs the singer worked out on her gym gear in stilettos, explaining: “I can’t wear flat shoes. My feet repel them."

6. That time she literally made her bedroom into a sauna.

Stop. Everything.

Because Mariah told V magazine she sleeps with 20 HUMIDIFIERS around her bed to condition 'dem vocal chords.

“Basically, it’s like sleeping in a steam room. The bed is all towelling cloth, the ceiling is sloped so the water can’t fall on my head, and it drips down to my side.”

Oh, she's also said she needs "fifteen hours of sleep" every night.

Let's relive some of Mariah's best Insta moments, shall we? (Post continues...)


7. That time she walked out on the Obamas.

What do you do when you're not seated at the same table as the Obamas family during the 2009 Presidential inauguration ceremony, DESPITE THE FACT YOU'RE MARIAH CAREY?

You become “furious” and storm out, of course.

8. That time she denied the whole 'ageing' thing is, um, a thing.

Mariah is so far above us she doesn't even have a birthday.

“I don’t have a birthday,” she's joked to Complex Magazine.

“I was just dropped here. It was a fairyland experience.”

9. That time she did an autograph signing in Selfridges.

People, the year is 2008, and Queen Mariah does not simply pen her autograph on any ordinary table.

No no, the table must be a precious antique worth $102,000, and aforementioned fan-cee tabley thing must be adorned with a silk cloth.

Oh, she also requests to be surrounded by roses and butterflies. Just 'coz.

Remember: this is Mariah's world.. k? (Post continues...)

Video via E!

10. That time she bought a first-class plane ticket. For her dog.

I have no words. Mariah Carey's canine travels more luxuriously than I ever will.

'Tis a sad day for me, the mere muggle.