Mariah Carey doesn't shower in the nude. Oh, you do?

Everyone may have their own unique shower ritual, but there are some things you just assume are a given; like taking your clothes off before you jump in. Not if you’re Mariah Carey.

The singer recently confessed that she doesn’t “nude shower”. While it might sound like diva behaviour, it’s actually for a good reason – she gets no privacy from her twins Monroe and Moroccan.

“I love them so much, but when I’m home, they just want to be with me. I’ll often take a bath in a bathing suit knowing that I’m going to have to let them in,” she recently told People.

“It’s that one thing that used to be my private time, and now it’s not, but that’s OK. When I was pregnant, all I did was sit in the tub, I was so uncomfortable. Having twins is not easy.”

It’s a situation all parents will be able to identify with, where there is no such thing as a sacred space to escape to for alone time.

While we reckon it’s perfectly natural for your children to see you naked, each to their own. One question though: how you can possibly get a full body clean when you’re never completely exposed?

It’s not the first beauty confession to come from the 45 year old in recent months that has us surprised. (Post continues after gallery.)

Despite being associated with arguably the most famous Christmas song ever, Carey is not a fan of the classic festive red lip (Unlike us, who are very partial to a Tom Ford lippy ($68) come Christmas!), something that heavily influenced her design choices for her upcoming seasonal collection with MAC.

“When we talked about doing a Christmas lipstick, first I said I know most people would want to do a red lip, but I think we should do something that is more of a frost, because I want to wear it and I can’t pull off a red. I hate it,” she told Refinery 29.

“I tell every makeup artist, ‘Do not do red on me.’ I did it back in the day for my first photo shoot and then I realised how bad it was on me. Some things don’t work on certain people. It doesn’t work on me.”

One thing’s for sure – Carey certainly knows how to surprise us, bathing suit or no.

Did you ever give up showering nude because of your children?