PSA: We just found Margot Robbie's brother. And he's, well, smoking hot.

There are many days of the year where I feel like a hopeless, unproductive hairball who offers little to the world more than the odd sarcastic joke and awkward encounter.

And there are other days, like, say, today, where I know my legacy won’t just be the fact I trip over my own feet four times a week.

Days like today, where I have the ability breaking meaningful news stories that change the course of many lives and will have a resounding impact on our faith in the world.

Because I think I am the 38401st (actually, 38402nd, because my editor showed me this account first) person to come across Margot Robbie’s younger brother’s Instagram account. And we genuinely weren’t trying to clickbait you when we said a) he is hot, b) he has nice hair and c) it’s a legitimate public service announcement.

Cameron Robbie is his name, the internet tells me he is 21 and IMDB also tells me he dabbles in a little acting too, having three film credits to his name.

It seems, too, he is naturally close with older sister Margot.


“My sister and I liked to perform all the time, (including) skits at home. When she started succeeding, I realised you can do this as a job,” he told the Gold Coast Bulletin in 2014.

“She is such a grounded, supportive and intelligent girl. There’s such a business side to this world … and she’s helping with (that).”

And while personality is obviously important, and we are sure he has a lovely one etc etc etc it’s more than worthwhile for you to halt your weekend to look at photos first.

Because somehow, the 21-year-old has made me forget about my great disdain for narcissistic, self-promoting selfies.

Because look at this one:

Image via Instagram.

Textured back-drop, well-placed strand or two of hair to create the illusion of a slight fringe, slight I-don't-style-my-hair-too-much attitude. Clearly has seen the glass convex of a camera lense before.

Or this one.

Image via Instagram.

Candid, casual, 'wind blowing through my hair but it doesn't make me look like a human tornado like wind in your hair does' kind of smile brandished across his face.

Of course, it all wouldn't be particularly legitimate if there wasn't a hot boy plus dog photo. You know how this plays out, hot boy with dog means hot boy with compassion etc etc etc.

Image via Instagram.

And then there's boy takes nature. Which naturally (hah) means he has a great understanding of the environment, probably fights climate change with Leo (I know this because he has those earthy kind of beach bracelets that scream activism) and likes to take in the spectacles around him. AKA you.

Image via Instagram.

I think this one means he believes in world peace, too? Like stop fighting? No more war? Take selfies, not prisoners? I think, anyway?

Image via Instagram.

Oh! And this one. I remember why I went to the effort of screenshotting this. Because I think he might look better with his eyes closed than I do with mine open. So that counts for something I guess.

Image via Instagram.

And that's all I have for now.

Lucky my boyfriend has little interest in the stuff I write on the internet.