FLUFF: Margot Robbie has new hair on her beautiful head.

Urgent CELEBRITY HAIR CHANGE alert issued for Aussie actress Margot Robbie.

The 23-year-old Wolf of Wall Street babe / Neighbours alumnus has had more hair changes in the past year than you’ve had warm cronuts. (Probably, unless you’re in a full-blown, unstoppably delicious cronut phase).

First, she was a blondie. Then, she went dark-dark-dark for her role in Z for Zacharia. And now? She’s gone a pale Emma Stone-shade of orange. It’s apparently in prep for her role as Jane in a Tarzan movie – she’s on her way from a deep purply hue back to sunshine-yellow.

Here she is, spotted outside the hairdresser in London in a powder-blue coat and tortoise-shell glasses like a mega minx.

As a quick visual refresher, here’s Margot The Blonde:

And here’s Margot the Gothic:

Basically a chameleon, right? A glorious, hair salon-dwelling chameleon.

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