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Fluff: Is Margot Robbie secretly dating a farmer?

What’s that we can hear? The sound of hearts breaking everywhere?

Margot Robbie has found love.

Yep. The Aussie actress has fallen in love with a farmer’s son in New Zealand.

The picture from Aitken’s Facebook page

Margot became a hot A-lister overnight after her recent role as the blonde bombshell, trophy wife in Wolf of Wall Street, and now she’s gone across the waters to shoot her upcoming film Z for Zachariah on NZ’s South Island.

And there she’s found herself a hunky Kiwi.

It’s understood she met local lad Henry Aitken during filming for her upcoming movie. The duo met while working on the current movie set, as Aitken works in the films art department.

Oh romance rumours, you make us so happy.

A ‘close friend’ of farmerboy Henry says the couple’s been together about a month.

And it gets better.

There are photos of the pair together on his Facebook profile. And you know that means it’s legit.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve developed an enormous girl-crush on Margot and will take any excuse to check out her hottest moments.

Here you go:

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