Chef Marco Pierre White has slammed the "appalling" portrayal of his son on Celebrity Big Brother.

Marco Pierre White has slammed TV bosses for airing footage of his son Marco Pierre White Jr having sex on the UK Big Brother series, addressing his recent scandals for the first time.

The renowned chef talked about Pierre White Jr — whom he calls “Little M” — in an interview with Event magazine, the Daily Mail has reported.

“Of course I didn’t watch Little M on TV – by watching it I would have been endorsing it,” he said.

“I work in TV. I understand the cynicism, but in my opinion that TV company is appalling for airing it, not because of my son, but because of all the other kids watching it.

“Where’s their moral compass?”

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Marco Jr was shown having sex with model Laura Carter on Big Brother and sparked further outrage when he claimed to have blown a chunk of his father’s fortune on alcohol, drugs and prostitutes.

In August the 21-year-old was also accused of stealing £186,000 (AUD$325,000) in cash and jewellery from an associate of his father.

“The stories in the newspapers, they don’t bother me”, his father said about the claims.

“Worse things have happened to me in life and I have learnt you have to take the rough with the smooth.

“I get dragged in to these stories because of who I am and my position, but the truth is I’ve never met this businessman or introduced him to anyone.”

The celebrity chef said his son was staying at the family’s farm in Wiltshire.

“Like most fathers I would do anything for my children and I’ve worked very hard at trying to be a good father.”

“I want to give them education, security, everything I never had. You can’t criticise unconditional love, which is what I’ve given as a parent. I know I’ve sometimes over-spoiled them but I can’t help it.”

The 54-year-old, who also is father to Luciano and Mirabelle White, reflected on his children’s upbringing.

“My kids had a driver so they didn’t have to get on the Tube and so many other privileges, but boys are boys and will be naughty and children know how to play their parents.”

“They know how to get them to give them what they want and it’s hard as a parent to say no.”


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Marco Pierre White said he would continue to stand by his son, regardless of his actions.

“None of us want to be seen to fail our children. If you bring children into this world then you have to do the best you can for them until you die,” he said.

“It’s very easy to walk away from responsibility. I would never do that. We all make mistakes, God knows I’ve made more than anyone else I know.”

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