Big Brother's Marco Pierre White Junior already has a new girlfriend.

Fan favourite Marco Pierre White Junior has revealed he is seeing somebody new and I already like her.

I like her because she refuses to be publicly linked to Marco Pierre White Junior.

The woman aptly dodges the camera as he attempts to capture her doing her hair, sitting in bed, siting with him and standing on an escalator.

Riveting stuff.

Source: Snapchat.

The Big Brother evictee seems to think so as he can't help but kiss her as she shys away from the camera and asks not to filmed.

"No, don't do that," she says.


"Hide your face," he replies.

Source: Snapchat.

The series, posted to social media application Snapchat, began with a cryptic message from White Junior intended to entice his viewers.

"Lying in our bed. Who is she?"

She is somebody smart enough to know getting publicly involved with you is a no-no.

Watch as we share the moment when we knew it was over. Post continues...


White Junior does a pretty decent job of hiding her identity but it seems strange that he'd feel the need to publicise a new love.

Remember: The 21-year-old was still engaged to fashion designer Kim Melville-Smith a mere three weeks ago.

The engagement allegedly ended because Melville-Smith sold a story about her young lover.

“I spoke to Kim before I went on This Morning. Basically, I just said I can’t be with someone who chooses to sell stories about me,” White Junior said.

“Even though she denied it, she admitted to selling one, and it’s affected my family growing up – my mother selling stories about me – and I don’t really want to be around it anymore.”

It may have more to do with how White Junior very publicly cheated on his fiancee while in the Big Brother house.

Melville-Smith spoke about her devastation following the news and how she regretted giving him a 'hall pass' during his time on the show.

“I didn’t think it would affect me like it had. I physically threw up when I saw him kissing that girl,” she said.

“I obviously didn’t think it through. I wish I hadn’t given him the hall pass.”

It seems our mystery woman will remain a mystery for a little longer.