Marco Pierre White Jr says it was his choice to end his engagement.

Marco Pierre White Jr has graced our screens once again with another breaking news confession: He’s the one who ended his engagement to Kim Melville-Smith.

The bad boy of UK Big Brother confirmed the split on Monday night’s episode of Bit On The Side in an interview with host Ryan Clark.

White Jr said the straw that broke the engagement’s back was not his gross sexual exploits while in the house but was actually Melville-Smith’s decision to sell a story.

“I spoke to Kim before I went on This Morning. Basically, I just said I can’t be with someone who chooses to sell stories about me,” he said.

“Even though she denied it, she admitted to selling one, and it’s affected my family growing up – my mother selling stories about me – and I don’t really want to be around it anymore.”

Source: Screenshot/Channel 5.

The 21-year-old is the first contestant to be evicted from the current series that has gained most of its international attention from his personal exploits.

The playboy previously boasted about having only a two out of ten chance that he'd be evicted first.

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Clark reminded White Jr of this prediction and asked if he regretted making it.

"I wouldn't have given myself two out of 10 if I had known what it was like inside," White said.

"I had never watched an episode. I watched a few clips, and I was like "what have I done?"."


White Jr previously made headlines for sexually engaging housemate Laura Carter despite having a fiancee waiting on the outside.

Source: Screenshot/Channel 5.

White Jr said Melville-Smith had given him a "hall pass" for his time on the show.

There was great speculation in regards to whether the two housemates had engaged in sex so Carter clarified their actions in a confessional video.

"When we slept together in bed ... it wasn't full blown sex, but it was sex, basically," Carter said.

White Jr said that while he and Melville-Smith were talking, it would be best for them to remain apart for the time being.