Big Brother's Marco Pierre White Jr is worried he's threatened his relationship with his fiancee.

After getting hot and heavy in just about every room in the Big Brother house with Laura Carter, controversial contestant Marco Pierre White Jr has admitted that he’s now fearful for the status of his relationship on the outside.

The admission comes days after White Jr – who is the middle child of cooking great Marco Pierre “Where’s my sauce? Where’s my sauce? Where’s my sauce?” White – told his temporary housemates his 36-year-old fiancee Kim Melville-Smith had given him a “hall pass” while inside the house.


The Marco Pierre White Jnr Big Brother hall pass in action. Source: Channel 5

The admission of guilt with Carter comes after White Jr told fellow housemates that he wanted to "f&^k her brains out," and proceeded to carry out some seriously cringeworthy behaviour throughout the house with her.

And as Melville-Smith pointed out on Twitter, there's a hall pass, and then there's asking someone to choke and straddle you on national TV.

"I just need a moment to process what's happened," White Jr told Carter immediately after having sex with her.

"My family is going to kill me, my fiancee is going to kill me," he continued.

marco pierre white jnr big brother

So excited for the killing. Source: Channel 5

Despite being unable to accurately predict the future, I'm confident in saying that he's right. I mean, Marco Pierre White has broken people for piping a dot of ganache half a centimetre off course, so his son sucking on the breast of an unknown woman on national television isn't likely to sit well.

Carter also shared with housemates that since consummating their shared living arrangement the relationship has changed. "It's like he's washed his hands of me," she said.

marco pierre white jnr big brother

The Marco Pierre White Jr Big Brother hall pass. Source: Channel 5. 

When another fellow contestant pointed out to Marco Pierre that his antics were likely to have some serious repercussions come eviction time, he Ross Geller'd it, flogging the dead horse of an excuse of a line that is, "I had a hall pass, okay?"

Sure Ross Marco, you were on a break. We get it. We're just not sure if Kim does.

What Laura discuss what happened, below...

Video via Big Brother UK