Marco Pierre White Jr gets booted from Big Brother. We're not surprised at what his fiancee did.

Marco Pierre White Jr and Laura Carter have been spicing up the UK’s Big Brother house for all the wrong reasons.

If you’re not in the loop yet, Marco, 21, is engaged to fashion designer Kim Melville-Smith, but went into the Big Brother house thinking they had an ‘open relationship’ (which according to Kim isn’t true).

So open is their relationship (says Marco) that he has had some sneaky sex with contestant Laura Carter, 30, while in the house.

Marco and Laura get frisky. Post continues after video…

Unfortunately, Marco was up for eviction this week and was eliminated yesterday as a result.


Oh dear... Image: Channel 5.

In what was the most anticipated post-eviction interview of the series, Marco was shown footage of his antics with Laura, all the while slipping further and further down his chair.

He admitted that they may have "rushed into things", and basically summed up everyones feelings when he muttered 'F*** me, it’s going to get worse.'

marco pierre white jnr big brother

There was a lot of this going on. Image: Channel 5.

If you mean your relationship with your fiancée is going to be worse off than probably yes, Marco.

Kim didn't actually attend the eviction and there has been no word yet whether she actually ever wants to see Marco again. But Marco certainly hasn't gone into hiding.


He's been posting numerous pictures of himself on Twitter (mainly lying in bed) and promising that we won't believe "what's next" for the frivolous fellow.

Meanwhile Marco's estranged mother Mati Conejero, 51, who has been watching the show, has come out and said she has cried herself to sleep at night watching how "broken" her son is.

Marco Pierre White Jr post-eviction pose. Image: Twitter.

"I feel so helpless that I can't do anything, but how would you feel when your beautiful baby boy ends up a man covered in tattoos, with the word 'Broken' across his face."

So that's positive.

Kim, if you're reading, run for the hills.