US police recently arrested two men for 'manspreading' on public transport.

It’s time to get tough on manspreading.

Two men were recently arrested in New York for sitting with their legs too far apart.

The men were reportedly committing the offence of “manspreading” – the irritating action where men become the most selfish humans of all time and sit on public transport with their legs spread wide apart.

Kind of like this.

manspreading arrests
See that? Not ok. Image: #Manspreading Tumblr.

The two men in New York were arrested for ‘inconveniencing other commuters’.

A few days later, the pair appeared before a court – presumably with their legs clenched together.

The judge found their crimes were not sufficient enough to pursue a charge — and indeed, found the police were more likely being racist — as both men were Latino.


While it’s disappointing to hear these particular arrests may have been race-based, the reaction to the story suggests there is enough resentment from the female community to warrant a change in rules around manspreading.

That is, that manspreading should appear on these lists:

Because here’s the thing. Fellow commuters don’t care how big your package is. Taking up that much space on a packed commuter train is just plain rude.

Fortunately, a handful of public transport vigilantes are taking matters into their own hands and publicly shaming the spreaders on social media.

#Manspreading is a popular hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, meanwhile, some geniuses started an entire blog dedicated to outing manspreaders.

Flick through the gallery to gaze upon the manspreaders. Tumblr photos via

Come on, guys. It’s time to stop.

Have you experienced a man spreader? How do you think we should combat this problem?

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